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Nearly two and a half years accident free! Can your service provider say that?

You read that right.Aladdin hasn't had a recordable safety incident in more than two years! We attribute much of that to The Aladdin ASPECT and our Core Value of Safety.

Safety means a lot of things to a lot of people. Maybe it's keeping a fire extinguisher near your kitchen, maybe it's ensuring that your parking lot is properly lit in the winter time. For us, it's all of that and more. At Aladdin the Core Value of Safety boils down to 3 key points; Proper assessment, following rules and keeping tidy.

Proper assessment is key. Regardless of the situation you're walking into, properly assessing the situation is the key to working safe. Perhaps the work is on a rooftop, maybe it's in a dark mechanical room. Knowing what you're getting into and what tools you can utilize to reduce or eliminate hazards is one of the keys to going home safe every night.

Following rules. In the service and construction industry there are a lot of rules. From aerial work platforms to asbestos awareness, from CPR training to traffic laws, there are a lot of industry specific rules to follow. Individual customers have additional rules and regulations to follow in each of their facilities. It can be overwhelming for some. For us, it's a basic part of our Core Values and we spend a lot of time on it.

Tidiness. A clean work site is a safe work site! Whether that work site is a construction project coming out of the ground or a service van jumping from call to call, keeping tidy keeps us safe. We provide our team with a large assortment of organizational options and even ensure that every service vehicle is equipped with a battery powered vacuum cleaner so that we can leave YOUR space as good as we found it.

Safety as a Core Value is certainly not an earth shattering concept in the building services industry but we believe that our focus is unique and, clearly, working more than two years with no accidents, the proof is in the pudding. Can your service provider say that?