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Jan 17

The Importance of Checking Heat Exchangers

By its simplest definition, a heat exchanger transfers heat between two chambers. Each chamber is separated by a wall to prevent them from mixing. Sometimes, in an HVAC system, the heat exchange will occur between a combustion chamber and the air in the building. A large majority of heat exchanger...

Apr 1, 2020

Spring HVAC

Much like an oil change for your vehicle, your commercial HVAC system needs regular maintenance. Since you can't take your commercial Roof Top Unit to the quick oil change place, let Aladdin come to you! Our affordable HVAC maintenance plans keep your system running at max efficiency and will help...

Oct 7, 2019

UV/Air Quality - Flu Season

Flu season is in full swing and our offices are a prime location for the spread of these viruses. The good news, however, is that facilities managers have a simple and cost effective way to help reduce the spread of these viruses. Ultra-violet light. That's right! UV light can stop the spread of...