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Aladdin's Ideas

Aladdin's Ideas

Jan 4, 2020

Frozen Pipes

Spring is the most common time for pipe bursts of ruptures. As the weather warms, you may find yourself faced with the reality of frozen piping. The Farmer's Almanac has some great do-it-yourself tips about keeping pipes from freezing. Keep Aladdin in mind if you need repairs or want to look to...

Dec 6, 2019


Have you ever had a service provider that finds every reason why something they are working on can't be repaired. Pointing fingers, placing blame and, ultimately, just making your life MORE difficult. Here, the first letter of The Aladdin ASPECT prevents us from working like that. Accountability,...

Nov 25, 2019


Soon, your municipality may be sending your business a letter requiring a cross-connection test. This test can only be performed by certified, licensed plumbers. Otherwise known as "backflow" devices, cross connection devices are designed to keep our drinking water safe. Here's what the City of...

Oct 7, 2019

UV/Air Quality - Flu Season

Flu season is in full swing and our offices are a prime location for the spread of these viruses. The good news, however, is that facilities managers have a simple and cost effective way to help reduce the spread of these viruses. Ultra-violet light. That's right! UV light can stop the spread of...

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