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Aladdin's Ideas

Aladdin's Ideas

Mar 31, 2020

Chapter House

Aladdin is proud to support the Fossores Chapter House in Jackson through electrical, plumbing and HVAC work during the renovation of the house at 505 N. Wildwood. The Chapter House is a research and development center for creative pastors. Located in Jackson, Michigan, the Chapter House programs...

Mar 4, 2020

Time Change

With Daylight Savings Time approaching, you may be planning to reset your time clocks for parking lot lights or other needs. However, did you know that astronomical time clocks adjust automatically? If you're tired of having to remember to reset your timers in the spring and fall, contact Aladdin...

Feb 1, 2020


Nearly two and a half years accident free! Can your service provider say that? You read that right.Aladdin hasn't had a recordable safety incident in more than two years! We attribute much of that to The Aladdin ASPECT and our Core Value of Safety. Safety means a lot of things to a lot of...

Jan 12, 2020


As one of our core values, Safety is a way of life at Aladdin. We believe that, though we work in an intrinsically dangerous field, getting everyone home at the end of the day is non-negotiable. To that end, all of our journeyman and master electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians have all been...

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