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Have you ever had a service provider that finds every reason why something they are working on can't be repaired. Pointing fingers, placing blame and, ultimately, just making your life MORE difficult. Here, the first letter of The Aladdin ASPECT prevents us from working like that.

Accountability, what is it to us and why might it matter to you?

To Aladdin, Accountability means, admitting mistakes, completing the requested job and taking ownership of the task at hand.

Just last week, we received a request from a customer to quote replacing an HVAC unit. Being an older unit, another service provider had told the customer that the unit needed to be replaced. Our team felt it unfair to the customer to replace the unit simply because of an obsolete part. A few phone calls had the part located in a Texas supply house and headed our way. Our new customer was grateful for the extra effort and we walked away satisfied that we'd fulfilled The Aladdin ASPECT again.

Accountability, it's a way of life at Aladdin. Can your service provider say that?